Is there any way to get files from a workstation

Hi, i was wondering if there was anyway of getting files and information off a workstation computer that no longer has the server available? I have created a new server with the same domain and configuration, created the user, and still cannot retrieve the files. I am trying to retrieve the outlook pst file of that persons emails. Thanks.
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  1. Why not use a thumb drive, or other USB storage?

    Not sure how your network is setup, but Usually the server is for the workstation to access not the other way around. You need to share the file on the workstation, so other computer can access it.
  2. But the workstation will not login to the "dummy" server. So i still cannot access the needed files.
  3. Yes the server is needed for the workstation to access, of course. But the server is no longer in operation and some files on the workstation its self (was not on the server) needs to be accessed. But when attempting to login, it fails because the server is no longer available. That is why i created a new server to attempt to get the workstation to login, to be able to get the requested files off the computer.
  4. OOO sorry, now if feel dumb lol.

    I am not sure how much help I can be, I am not an expert on domains, but I guessing there is a local Admin account on the workstation. That should give your all access to the workstation, and users files

    By default it is called
    and there is no password.

    But I am guessing the password has changed.
  5. Yes, i have tried that. I cannot access the outlook pst files through there. I can only access the My Documents folder, which i dont need.
  6. You should still be able to log in, as long as your have logged on to that workstation before.
    Unless user caching has been disabled.
  7. turbowrx03 said:
    Yes, i have tried that. I cannot access the outlook pst files through there. I can only access the My Documents folder, which i dont need.

    where is the PST files.

    you can try to change the permissions on the folder your are trying to access, and give your Admin account read and write access.

    Right click folder properties/ under security tab
  8. That wont work because i no longer have the server to be able to give admin rights to the folder. Therefore, when i login to admin account under the local computer, i do not have access to the outlook folder with the pst file. I have tried viewing hidden files and all, and still nothing. Like i mentioned before, the only folder i can view is the My Documents folder, which i have already saved.
  9. I would think you still should be able to change permissions, even with out the server.
    What does it do when you try to change the permissions locally?
  10. Admin account can assign them self access, to any file. They don't need the owner of the file to give them access.
  11. I can't change permissions because i cant login to the account on the computer. I can only login to admin on the local computer, and not the user on the domain.
  12. I understand that, but i cant access the folder if its not visible in the hard drive under the admin account. I cant figure out how to be able to access the outlook folder from the local admin, instead of the domain user. It was in the standard outlook location, but i cant find it anywhere.
  13. o it is not even showing up.
    Ok I think if you give yourself total control, over the first folder your have access to in the path of the PDT file, that might change that folder's child folders permission, and give you access.
    So I am guessing start with the folder that contains there my documents in it.
  14. Try this
    go to there user name folder right click properties/ Security/ Advanced /Change Permissions, add your admin account to the list, then check "Replace all child object permission with inheritable permission for this object". then OK on everything.
    This might take a wile depending on how much stuff is in there user folder

    That was with win 7, hopefully it is the same or similar on what ever os your are using.
  15. if you were able to login under the admin account for the domain, you should be able to change the password for the local admin account.

    Then you should have access to the files.

    Whadda ya think?
  16. I was under the impression that, we were useing the local admin account.
  17. From eariler posts I understood that he was unable to log in under the local admin, but could with the domain admin.

    Then he says that the domain admin account wont allow him to access the files

    I would just rip the HD out of the computer, slave it to a functioning pc, take ownership of the folder/drive and be done with it.
  18. Stuckless you have it backwards. But yes, i actually created a new user, gave it admin rights, and for some reason that worked. I can view the files needed. Thanks guys.
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