Faulty Mobo? USB3 Ports working sporadically

Hi there,

I recently built a new PC on an ASUSP8Z68-V LX mobo

Everything is working fine but one thing.

-Every time I boot it seems to be hit or miss wether the USB3 ports work.

Some times it will, other times nothing. Some times it doesn't seem to work til windows loads and then will come to life. Other times it seems to not work but unplugging/plugging back in the device (keyboard, mouse, whatever) it will start recognising it.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ASRock USB3 driver but to no effect.

Question is:

Is this a Hardware fault or is some weird crap going on in my PC? And if not HW WTF is going on?

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  1. OK got this working - I hope

    Uninstalled all USB drivers, Uninstalled Chipset Drivers, Uninstalled all software that came with the Mobo

    Installed drivers from Asus website, even though these were the ones i had installed and it still wasnt working.

    Seems completely uninstalling them manually first fixed the problem.
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