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Wow allot of info, what card to pic?

well before today i was set on a $224 460 1gb to replace my fried vid card. but i decided to wait due to the rumors of today's events hoping for a price drop on the card i wanted.

But now i have been reading tons of stuff and am torn and confused lol.

I plan for modest to moderate OCing on the card i get

so save some money with the $180 6850 and maybe buy a new game to try it out with?

or enjoy the price drop for a $200 460?

maybe pass my budget for a 6870? though this runs the risk of sleep on the couch when my wife sees how much money i spent on it ;-p is it worth it? hehe

then throw in the fact that the 68xx cards are on early drivers that will likely get better performance down the road and yah so i don't know what to think heh

though i would like to see tests between a fully OCed 460 vs Fully OCed 6850. anyone know of such a test/review out yet?

also if i go with one of the ATI cards what brand do you suggest? i knew what brand i wanted for the geforce (MSI) but don't know much about brands rep for ATI chips (though half of them are out of stock on new egg already {supply fail AMD})
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  1. If you have a crossfire only m/b , then the 6850.
    You might feel more rewarded saving a few bucks and o/c, surpassing or equaling the 6870 performance.
  2. I have a SLI mobo but dont plan on keeping the mobo to much longer, when pcie 3 comes around i will likely upgrade. thus that upgrade will be influenced by my vid card choice.
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    Well, Getting an AMD card opens you up to both Intel and AMD chips, while SLI 460s are probably going to be Intel only, as Nvidia doesn't seem to have interest in new-chipsets for AMD.

    However, regardless of the Mobo, the HD 6850 is a better choice, Crossfire scaling is just as good as SLI, performance is slightly better, power consumption is slightly lower and its $20 cheaper. Additionally, it should see a stream of minor performance bumps as drivers mature. Since youre interested in OCing, the 6850 OCs extremely well also, easily surpassing the 6870.
  4. ok then yah the more i think about it the better the 6850 sounds, so advice on brands? HIS? Sapphire? ect ect
  5. HIS, Sapphire, MSI, ASUS, XFX.......
  6. As of the stock right now on newegg, the Sapphire would be your best bet. The XFX @$200 is overpriced.

    However, if you can wait, the Gigabyte dual fan version would be the best once it comes back in stock. The ASUS Cucore would be even better though, but it doesnt appear to be in stock anywhere.
  7. yah seems i will have to wait to order. haveing enough of these ready for launch seems a big fail for these cards sadly. but yah heat was an issue with my old dead card (and likely part of the reason its dead) so imma wait till something with a better then stock cooler shows up on newegg. hopefully not a long wait.

    Thanks for all the help guys!
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