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6850 or 6870 Help me Pick!

My current setup is

Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4ghz (will be OCing soon)
Hyper 212+
Asus m4a89gtd 890GX mobo
XFX Black Edition 850w PSU
Patriot G-Series sector 5 1600mhz DDR3 Ram 2x2gb
HAF 922 case

9800GTX+1gb which i wanna replace

current monitor LG 2242TQ-BF 22" LCD 1680x1050 resolution...

some things to note! i am not an enthusiast but i enjoy gaming/watching movies and using my comp..

1) I am debating upgrading to a 1080p monitor sometime in the future (may be a long ways away though) though i heard its not much of a noticeable upgrade which is why im in no rush....but its something to note when helping me choose a GPU

2) I am willing to crossfire at a later date so thats not an games i play currently SC2, WoW, CSS, however i want to be able to play newer games such as Diablo 3, the new WoW expansion, new CoD, on high settings (i do not need MAX and i dont need high AA/AF some is nice but even that isnt needed)

So do i need the 6850 or 6870 also suggest brands as well with your choice as this has me baffled a bit to cuz some brands are a substantial amount the XFX 6850 is almost as much as a say HIS or Gigabite 6870...

please use for your reference THANKS!!!!!!!! HD 6000 series
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  1. i duno WHY links break when copy+pasting to toms (well i know its cuz the spaces turn into a %20) but i duno why it happens neways

    use please!
  2. You have an absolutely monster set up; your only bottleneck is that you have an old graphics card.

    Why go for an HD6850? I'd make full use of all of your system with an HD6870 crossfire (which, mind you, has extremely good scaling).

    Please note that in Call of Duty, the HD6870 can singularly max it with 2560x1600 resolution. At 1920x1080 (or definitely 1680x1050) you will be able to hit all high settings.
  3. well i dont have a MASSIVE budget so thats why

    im also not in a HUGE rush but yah ive accumlated and my setup is pretty nice i love it.

    btw any recommendations between brands? like differences etc

    and whats the diff between a reference card and non-reference?
  4. The XFX cards are all overpriced because you are paying for the lifetime warranty. The only other 6850 available there is the saphire, a brand I've had good luck with in the past, but that price still seems high for a 6850. At this point all the 6870/6850s are going to be the same with the exception of graphics on the cooler and warranties, so just get the cheapest one if you are desperate to buy right now. You have a nice rig for not being an enthusiast, you can probably already play those games on high or close to it with no AA at your resolution. Just wait a while and see what prices do and what people who actually have a chance to use the cards say about there performance in games. Right now no one has those cards so no one is going to be able to give you an honest recomendation of one. If you're not an enthusiast then there's no real reason to rush out and order a brand new card the weekend they come out when all you have to go by is a few reviews of non-retail cards.
  5. Reference cards are all identical other than branding, they are the cards as AMD or NVIDIA designed them before the individual manufacturers have a chance to improve on them with more efficient PCBs and coolers.
  6. ahh ok

    so how do u know if a card is reference or non?
  7. understood benski but my card for some newer games is really lack tbh....

    so with that said should i go 6850 or 6870 (i will be waiting a week or 2 at least if not more) as im in no HUGE rush
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    XFX has a double lifetime warranty.

    Visiontek has a lifetime warranty but it still needs to come to newegg.

    MSI has 2 years for labor and 3 years for parts warranty.

    ASUS and Gigabyte has 3 years warranty.

    Sapphire, Powercolor, HIS and others have 2 years warranty.


    Also, Please keep in mind that Radeon HD 6800 series (Barts Pro, Barts XT) are not truly successors of Radeon HD 5800 series but they succeeded Radeon HD 5700 series and were considered as mainstream VGA. The true performance-level or high-end VGA Radeon HD 6800 series (Cayman Pro, Cayman XT) were rebranded as Radeon HD 6900 series which will come in late November.
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