9800gx2 ssc

Hi everybody
This IS A EVGA 9800gx2 SSC SLI Card.

So far I went to dos booting up a floppy.
I typed nvflash - b bakupold.rom and when I executed it brought up 2 bios's. I backed up both seccessively.
#1 says: BRO4 (0)
#2 SAYS: 9800gx2 (1)
#3 the 9800gx2 (2) is missing.(this row #3 does not show on the floppy)

I backed up my Bios to a floppy and there were 2 bios so I saved both. One was called "BRO4 (0)" The other 9800gx2 (0). I think I'm missing another bios

called 9800gx2 (2) I believe I flashed the bios at a later time and screwed it up. Now both bios are called 9800gx2 (1) or the bro4 is the second bios

now. I may of screwed up the original BRO4 bios. Both used to show up in gPU-Z 1 & 2 now only one shows up in gpu-z. I don't know what I did. Can

someone understand what I'm saying?????? HELP!! I'm using the GPU as we speak so at least 1 gpu works.

This card is different than others. There are 3 bios on this card. BR04 Bridge bios, Core 1 bios and Core 2 bios.

I've made a boot disk and put as follows:
G92 0.bin
G92 1.bin

Another question is: Every were I read I need to run Nibitor in dos. I don't know how. I know it's to big to put (extract) to a floppy.
So how can I run nibitor in dos?
Thank you, Rich
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  1. Nibitor needs to be run in windows. It is used to modify the bios.
    Once you have modified the bios, you save it.
    Load the modified bios to a bootable DOS floppy drive along with NVflash.
    It is better to remove one of the cards. Flash the bios. Change cards. Flash bios on second card.
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