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Fallout New Vegas

I have an ATI Mobility Radeon 530v in my laptop. Is this good enough to run a game requiring an ATI XT1300, or compatible video card?
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  1. I don't suppose someone could give me an answer without having to run an application? For one thing, I'm at the mall and for another, I don't currently have my laptop with me. I'm using my iPad for communication purposes as it's a lot more convenient.
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    Your GPU is a renamed mobility 4350, which I believe to be pretty close to the minimum.
  3. Dual core, 4 GB RAM, Win7, 2.67Ghz processor - good enough?
  4. Hard to say really. Your GPU will be cutting it really close.
  5. Actually, with my Dual Core processor and the speed of my CPU, plus the graphics card, I'm able to play the game on medium settings. Who knew, eh? Others who find themselves using the same card and wishing to play this game might find this useful.
  6. Awesome! That is good to hear, the game is excellent.
  7. Very interesting, considering I've seen folks with desktops and an ATI 5850 complaining about low FPS and buggy gameplay with random slow downs and crashes. :(
  8. Thanks, I will download and place the file in the appropriate directory and let you know if there if there is any improvement.
  9. jyjjy said:

    I downloaded the file as you suggested and yes, Fallout: NV did see the file and recommended "high" settings as opposed to the medium setting before. However, while the graphics were a little better, the performance was severely lacking. Motion was jerky and slow. I went back to medium settings and it works much better. Thank you all the same, though.
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