Which intel graphics comes with q57 chipset?

I cann´t find specs about the chipset Q57 intel graphics. Can you help me?
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  1. The graphics aren't in the chipset. The graphics are built into the CPU itself. You would have to buy one of the i3 or i5 CPUs that have the graphics built in. And like all integrated graphics, they suck compared to discrete graphics cards.
  2. First of all thanks for your answer. I figure it out later the graphics goes into the cpu, but I still need the information about the buswidth, core and memory. I know it has 1,7Gb maximum and depends how much ram memory the machine has available. I´m participating in a govrment bid and I have to answer these questions and Í couldn´t find any information about it. Do you understand now?
  3. Sorry, I fortog to tell you the cpu in question is I5-560.
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