Recommend a good motherboard?

I am currently going to upgrade my whole comp (CPU, GPU, Mem. and possibly Mobo)

atm, I am using a M2N68-LA Narra5. For the past 3 years it has been doing me awesome, no problems. But it is a 09 Mobo and it is getting out of date. Like rly rly. And want something a little bit more up-to-date.

The upgrades are costing me around 300 bucks, so I don't want this Mobo to be expensive. I just want an upgrade to my current one. Any suggestions?

If you have any questions as to what my likings are and stuff just reply and will answer the best I can. Thanks a bunch!!
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    How can you expect anyone to suggest a MB when you are not specifying what chip its for.
  2. In the 30-50 dollar range. As I don't want an omega powerful one, just an upgrade to my current.
  3. I gave them the name of my old MB? Don't understand what your saying, upgrading something is just taking the old one and finding one similar but just more powerful.
  4. nvm, I can find out myself. Will just take a bit of time. Thanks anyways.
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  6. We need to know what kind of motherboard you want. "Better" is pretty vague, something like "Intel P67 Chipset," "Intel X79 Chipset," or "LGA 2011 processor socket" would be much more helpful. I could check newegg and list a couple hundred motherboards that are better than your current one, but that wouldn't be very helpful.
  7. haha, yeah. Vigilante was right though that is why I selected him as best answer. I think what I might do is just find a MB myself that fits my expectations and run it by this board again. Might be easier, appreciate you wanting to help though!
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