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AMD Sempron 2600+ (palermo) :bounce: at what temp should it be running please!,
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  1. THE maximum temp. for your processor is 69 and i think you should be running on 65 with maximum load.
  2. as above said 69 is the max and 63-65 at load depending on room temp and ventilation.
    normally i would suggest that you get a 3rd party cooler if your worried about temps, but its an old cpu and its likely that its welded to the hsf with a ceramic tim so the best you can do is make sure the hsf is clean and well ventilated you may be able to swap out the hsf fan for a stronger 1 but its a lot of effort for such an old part.
  3. thanks very much for answering and the info :) will do as you said clean the fan then perhaps start thinking about getting a new computer, it is 5 or six years old!
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