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Hi dudes. I just bought a AMD Phenom II X4 955.
And i attached it propperly to my motherboard. The motherbord moddel is a Biostar A770 A2+
The problem is that the mother board will not detect the new CPU and i think that ist curently running on the Motherboards own internal processor or somting, cuz the windows rating for the processing speed is only at 3,7 (and it says AMD Processor model unknown 2,51GHz). Plz help me, im getting desperate. Btw my old Procesor was a AMD phenom 3X.
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  1. There is no such thing as onboard processor.. Your current CPU is working fine.. Check using some other software such as CPU-Z.. WEI is baseless.. As for lowered frequency, it might be due to AMD cool n quiet kicking in.. Disable it in the BIOS..
  2. kk, i will check that, and i am truley sorry for being a n00b
  3. Mkay so i instaled CPU-Z and it tells me that the CPU is where its supose to be and that everything is allright, but windows still tells me that i am using an unidentefied processor (2,51GHz)
    I also disabel cool and quiet.<
    Even so the computers Gaming preformance is crappier the before i chanched the CPU.
    Somthing else must be wrong!?
  4. How much speed does it shows up in the BIOS..? Also, gaming is very much influenced by video card which brings the question, which one do you own..? And which game is giving the crappy performance..?
  5. I have a 6950 and im playing battlefield bad company 2, the thing is that i used to be able to play the game well with my old CPU!
    and the CPU Frequency is set to 200 MHz
    and the PCIE clock is on 100 MHz
    But im not sure if thats what u are asking for, if not where can i find the requierd data
  6. I don't see any of the Atlon2/Phenom2's on the cpu support list.
  7. so that is the problem the no bios to suport the new CPU....
    Well if thats the case. i just wasted some money :(

    so there is nothing i can do then?
  8. i got no meassege abou a reebot when i instaled the new processor.
  9. So i found the latest BIOS:
    But when i try to install them i gett a message telling me that the bios are not copatibel with 64 bit system, yet ther is no alternate download on the homepage for 64bit users, how to proced?
  10. its just to do it again then? cuz its not working with the Bios uppdating.
  11. dont think so, personly i think that its the Mother board drivers that needs an uppdate. But i am having trubbel with uppdating them, threr are no drivers for 64 bit system. attleast thats what i have found.
    The thing is that when i try to lunch the drivers exe file i gett an error mesage about, compattibillity difficulties with 64 bit system. Can i walk around this problem in some way?
  12. So i did a fresh install of the system... still no CPU showing upp in windows... still unidentifyed AMD processor 2.51 GHz showing upp.... :(
    and when i try to install new bios for the mother board (M52L-S3) i get an eror message saying that the drivers are not suported in 64 bit system.
    What is it that im doing wrong? The CPU is supose to be suported (AMD phenom 4X 955). se for ur selfe: http://www.gigabyte.com/support-downloads/cpu-support-popup.aspx?pid=2818
  13. Bord is old (2 years), no waranty.
  14. kk, thx for all the help dude, u have ben most hellping, U are probbebly the most helpfull stranger i have ever met!
    Thx for every thing and i hope we meet again.
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  16. ok thx :)
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