Is this a fine build?





CPU Fan:

HDD will be a 640GB Caviar Black, along with a nVidia GTX 260 (216 Cores) and a generic DVD RW drive.

In a few months I plan to upgrade this build again with either a second GTX 260, or two GTX 460s instead along with an SSD mostly for my OS.

Lastly, I'm going to try to get a stable overclock of 4.0Ghz for my CPU.

Is this a fairly nice first-build?
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  1. GTX260 is dated, best to opt for a GTX460 initially...; if gaming is a priority, the 2nd GTX460 in an SLI capable MB should be the priority, moreso over loading Windows in 20 sec instead of 23 with an expensive SSD...

    (You certainly dont want to buy a 260 now with the plan of needing to replace it with one or more 460s later...)
  2. Duly noted.

    So other than that though, it's a fine build?
  3. You should fill out form in sticky, link in my sig. You won't get many replies if you just post a buncha links.

    I'd also recommend against any 1156 system, considering it's being replaced in 2 weeks by 1155.
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