whats better?
PC HD5550 512 ddr3 or
PC HD4650 1gb ddr3 or
Inno3D GT240 512 ddr3

help guys
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  2. the gt240 is the lowest card you should go for a gaming PC. im pretty sure you can get the ati 5570 for around the same price which gives similar performance, but it can be crossfired with a second card if you wanted to do that at a later date.
  3. thanks for the advice...i thought that 5550 was better because of the dx11..but t think ill buy 4670
  4. Get the HD5670 if you can afford it.
  5. id get the 5670 if i really had to chose from those cards. at least you can xfire it with another card down the track.
  6. the price here is much higher...if the price there is $ is like $125....$25 is much higher...
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