Please which power good for this gpu

i wanna buy new power for my new vga card (gtx 560 ti )

i found this in market

CoolerMaster GX-650W


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  1. my pc spec:

    P II X4 955 be 4.0ghz
    g.skill 2x2 g ddr3 1.5v
    2 x hdd wd blue 500g sata 3
    1 x cd -dvd
  2. any good 500 watt psu as in corsair,seasonic,xfx- but i reccomend a 650 for upgrades
  3. The Cougar 700 gets my recommendation out of those two.. I guess it is the same as I found here -
  4. sorry it's HEC COUGAR 700CM 80plus

    i afraid from amperage number ,i wanna overclock.
  5. it will be ok
  6. R U Sure About It ?
  7. ok i will get HEC COUGAR 700CM

    thank to all
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