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Hi, I'm going to be buying a new keyboard and mouse for no more than $70 and have one question, should I go for a wireless keyboard and/or mouse?

I'll be using it for playing FPS and the occasional web tinkering. My main concern with the wireless keyboard and mouse is that there will be a lag in games.
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    Usually with wireless keyboards and mice these days they don't have that noticeable of a lag, but they do suck up batteries like their nothing. If your going to be playing a game where reaction and time is key like in an FPS you don't want to worry about something like your batteries dieing on you mid game, and if your really hardcore about things like your aiming and shooting need to be SPOT on, then that slight lag will drive you crazy.

    Bottom line: Wired is better for FPS type games.
  2. ryzor1 said:
    Bottom line: Wired is better for FPS type games.

    Unless you're using the Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 !!! : and
  3. al360ex said:

    I've heard some not-so-nice things about the rat 9 :/
  4. I prefer wired. Wireless is such a pain in the ass. I normally just buy a cheap 12 dollar keyboard because i replace these at least once a year. I bought the logitech g550 laser mouse which is awesome. All wired. I hate having to worry about batteries.
  5. Razor is great but the mouse life span is poop. They are super precise however, I have not had a razor which didn't need replacing sooner then I would like. But if your a lefty like myself you are stuck with more limited options. Otherwise get a Logitech MX 518 which is the best on the market.
  6. Yeah, I heard that the MX 518 is an amazing mouse. It looks pretty good as well.
    Thanks for your input guys, it seems wired is the way to go; more specifically, the Razer Arctosa silver and the MX 518.
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    nthis is the one i have. It's laser compared to optical.
    MrRichard said:
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