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AMD Equivalent to i5 2500k

What is the current AMD performance equivalent to the Intel core i5 2500k
This is for a gaming computer. This is the build assuming I go 2500k.

Processor: BX80623I52500K Intel core i5 Sandy Bridge
Case: RC-942-KKN1 Cooler Master HAF X
Power Supply: XFX 850W PSU
RAM: F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL G.Skill 2x4gb
Monitors: 2x ML228H ASUS 21.5 inch Monitor
Hard Drive: WD1002FAEX WD 1Tb HD
SSD: OCZSSD3-2VTX90G Vertex2 90gb
Graphics: 100312SR Sapphire Radeon 9650 flashing to 9670
MOBO: I dont know yet, I want one that can support crossfire. I do intend to crossfire 2 9650s but not right now.

I have an entire 2500k build all planned out. But was informed that I could get the same performance for 100-200 less. But I dont know what the equivalent from AMD is to the 2500k.

Thanks for your input.
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