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Hello all i am just curious to what you guys think i could upgrade or change my specs are
CM 690 case- aftermarket window side panel
Evga 9800GX2
4GB ddr2 800mhz OCZ reaper ram
2 500 GB harddrives
700Watt OCZ psu
Intel xeon x3350 at stock 2.66mhz
Cooler master hyper 212 plus
windows 7 64bit

I will be swapping my GX2 out with my other GTS250 1gb just to see the pefromance difference, i dont like how my gx2 gets so hot. And what should my cpu temps be? they are about 47 idle and no higher then 56c at full load Thanks in advanced
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  1. cpu temps seem fine....; gpu is getting dated (as is my 5 yr old 7800GT!), but, you might be able to live with it at moderate res settings/grahic detail/no AA/AF until can consider a new MB/CPU/RAM/GPU combo when *you* feel it is needed/necessary. Once you have a game you *must* have/play that stutters, you will know it is time!
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