Should I upgrade my PC?

I was considering upgrading my PC from:
Pentium D 805 2.66 GHZ
2 GB DDR2 333MHZ
BIOSTAR Group G31-M7 TE Motherboard

My system specs are pretty outdated here.

to a better system, with 4GB DDR3 Memory, maybe to save money I would go with a Intel Core2Duo CPU out there.

I run only Windows XP pro on it, and all I do with it is watch movies, play some 128 bit graphic games, and watch online videos, as well as general internet surfing.

Is it worth the upgrade for windows XP? I know it is for Windows 7.
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  1. If you only do light gaming, you don't need to upgrade anything except maybe your video card (which you did not list). Another 2 gig of RAM won't hurt either, but video card first if you don't have a discrete one. Win 7 will run fine on your system.
  2. If your system is adequate for what you do with it, save the money now for when an upgrade is truly necessary, IMO.

    Windows 7 alone costs $199, and, until you are determined to play Direct X 11 games, not really necessary until you feel it is. (Online videos are usually bottlenecked by cable modem speeds, not the CPU/RAM or newer OS)

    As always, your call with your money however.
  3. I have a XFX Geforce 9400 GT 512MB Card for my PC. Usually used to play games on my TV.

    I am considering running Windows 98 on VMWARE for maybe a couple old games.

    I had CPU spikes when running Microsoft Security Essentials, so I thought maybe I would need a little bit higher specs.
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