2600K, P67 and HD6970 - BSOD 0x124

Hello everybody

I've just bought this system:
Core i7-2600k
HyperX - 8GB 2133MHz DDR
Asus Radeon HD6970

And reused
Corsair Extreme Series X128 SSD
WD 500GB harddrive
Corsair HX750W PSU

I've also added watercooling to the CPU and fullbody watercooling to the HD6970.

The problem is I've got a BSOD 0x124 several times. Every time it been while playing Battlefield Bad Company 2. It happens after 20-30 min. play. I've searched and looked around and found explanations such as old drivers, so i updated them all, then old Bios, so i updated i to lastest (F6), and the i found that it could be the vcore, but thats seems only to be while overclocking and that I'm not.

So do anyone know what to do?

HW Monitor dump: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6804101/HW%20Monitor%20Dump.png
3 Minidumps:
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  1. Have you run memtest on your ram? http://www.memtest86.com/download.html everything pointing to driver corruption can be ram related.
  2. Ahh yeah I forgot. I have not run memtest, but I've run mdsched.exe, the windows memory test without any errors. Is that enough to exclude the ram?
  3. Memtest86 is much more thorough.
  4. Okay, then I'll try it :)
  5. memtest86 just passed without any errors. I guess the problem is elsewhere. Could it be the vcore? It's only 1,08V
  6. 1.08v is a little low and you would be safe up to at least 1.35v worth a try in small increments. I take it your ram is at its default voltage.
  7. Yeah, at leat I think the ram is at its default voltage. The ram should be 2133mhz ram, but thants only when set in XMP profile 1, else its 1333mhz. But i dont know if voltage and clock is related?
    The vcore is set to auto. Should I just set it to something like 1.20 at start? And does the fixed voltage not conflict with the way 2600k scales up and down?
  8. Did you do a fresh install or just drop your ssd in and run? If you didnt do a fresh install, do so now.
  9. I did a clean Windows 7 64bit install and updated it to sp1. Installed all the latest drivers afterwards.
  10. I have a setup very similar to yours:
    Core i7-2500k
    G.Skill - 8GB 1866MHz DDR3
    Asus Radeon HD5870

    I am getting the EXACT same problem, and it is driving me crazy. My motherboard is a replacement for the previous "defective" one that was part of the Sandy Bridge recall. Except the previous motherboard never had this problem. I did a complete re-install, re-seated the ram, made sure to download the newest drivers and still no success. After about 30 min of play I just BSOD. I am playing other games, like Shogun 2, with absolutely no problem. I ran Prime95 to stress test the system and the temps and load were fine.

    If you do figure out a solution please let me know.
  11. Typical these problems, when the solution is found we forget all about the questions. Yes it seems I found the solution for my problem. It was the drivers. I ran a driver verification tool (i will find the link later and post I here) which found out that a driver called gdrv.sys was causing some troubles. The gdrv.sys is a driver installed with gigabytes utilities (supposedly Dynamic Energy Saver and Fine Tune) so I uninstalled all gigabytes utilities and ensured the gdrv.sys was completely gone. Since I haven't got any problems. I will be back with the tool.
  12. And thank you rolli59 and dashhip for suggestions and help!
  13. For me it was uninstalling Easy Tune 6 that did the trick. On the BC2 forums I ran across someone who said it was an error resulting from the latest punkbuster update. Apparently the utilities go to war. Glad you figured it out.
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