GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD windows wont boot after bios update

so i have a GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD i did a bio update from windows 7 with the program that gigabyte provide to update bios from the internet on windows 7 after that the computer restart windows would not start a blue screen would flash really quick i tried using q flash and did a update from a usb i tired every bios on gigabyte site still have the same issue i have a paper due soon on this computer
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  1. do you want me to fail safe then turn off the computer and take out the battery thats how you restart the cmos right

    also i did fail safe went on with booting still nothing
  2. for no reason just wanted to be up to date
  3. cleared the cmos still nothing
  4. How are you continuing to update the BIOS with different ones if the PC does not boot?
  5. the pc boots just not windows
  6. Ah, okay. Did you enter the BIOS and assign the correct boot order for the drives? Once you clear the BIOS, the new arranged boot order may not be correct.
  7. i did that too i also tired holding down the power switch and trying to boot the duel bios it set back the bios version to f2 and still nothing
  8. Check the drive setting, AHCI or IDE mode? If that got swapped somehow, it will do just exactly what you describe........
  9. Still having the same issue I change the drive bott order and changed from achi to IDE to raid

    Windows 7 start screen shows then a split second blue screen comes up
  10. Hmm, outside of a repair install, did you check and reseat the memory, the GPU, etc?
  11. I do that right I'll repost in 5 mins
  12. Still nothing do you think reinstailling windows would help
  13. You can try a repair install first.
    Read this before you start.
  14. ill first do a back up with my sata dock then ill update
  15. yes.
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  17. Hi there, I have a similar problem with GA-Z68XP-UD3 and i7 2600K. The PC throws a blue screen while starting Windows7. But with i7 2600 (without K) the system runs perfectly. The seller tested the processor and found no error. Any glue what the reason could be?
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