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I need some help here, am new to setting up a wireless network. I have 2 computers 1 is directly connected to my Linksys WRT54G router which is in turn connected to my cable modem. The other computer is connected to my router wirelessly with a linksys wireless adapter card. both can see the internet. Problem is I cant get both to see each other. My direct connect one can see my wireless comp but not vice versa. Also my direct connect 1 tends to have problems getting a good connection to the internet it tends to hang up and develope long load times. the other comp doesnt have that problem. I also cant seem to transfer files from 1 comp to another it would take forever. a 100mb file left on for 2 days didnt even get a quarter way done. Both comps have a Mcafee antivirus, Adaware, Spybot search and destroy, and winpatrol. My direct connect comp is running winXP pro and the wireless one is running WinXP home. if you can provide any help it would be appreciated
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  1. Doesn't sound like a wireless problem. If you have connectivity (which you do since your internet is working) and can ping etc.. then the wireless is working. Sounds to me like your router may need to be flashed. Make sure you have the latest firmware.

    As far as the peer to peer sharing, you'll need to provide more details. "Seeing" each other in Network Places doesn't mean a whole lot, especially on a windows workgroup, which is what your running. go to the start menu, then run and type \\servername where "servername" is the name of the machine your trying to get to. Have something shared on that machine so you'll see something when you get to it by that UNC path. You could also add that share in the path syntax would be \\servername\sharename

    Post your results and more information than it "doesn't work"
  2. I did what you suggested before I posted. I just disabled the wireless function and connected the secondary computer directly to the router now everything seems to be running fine with no hicups or slowdawns at all. Sigh I really dont have space close enough to my router to hook the thing up there permanently. Going to have to figure out the wireless problem I seem to be having. Oh and I did have files shared already on the secondary comp. The primary comp could see those files just not access and copy them over in anything resembling a decent time frame. As I said I can see the secondary computer in the network neighborhood area and access it through the //username function I just cant really acces the files there.

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  3. I assume that you've run the setup utility on the wireless system. However, have you run the Network Setup Wizrd that comes with Windows? You can have the hardware set up properly, but still not have Windows' networking set up. You're going to have to search for the option that says that your system(s) are on a home network, but each is connected to a network hub. On my system, that option was on the second 'page'- When the option page comes up that asks you to pick your setup off the list, there's one at the bottom that says 'Other'. That leads to the second page of options.

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  4. I did all that. It still didnt quite work sometimes I can get the secondary comp to see the main comp and sometimes I can get main to see the secondary but not vice versa. Once I hooked everything using a wire though it all worked perfectly.
  5. Then I have to think that either the wireless card is bad or that you didn't have it set up right. There aren't many other options. I have the same router and had a laptop hooking to the router via an 802.11 card and had no problems at all.

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  6. Is there constant activity between the computer you want on wireless and the router? Is it's activity light blinking all the time when wired and wireless? This is just a shot in the dark but if there is constant network activity that would point to some kind of virus/spyware. That could cause the behaviors you have described.

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  7. I have and identical problem. Well, almost. My laptop runs XP Pro, my desktop runs XP Home. Desktop is hard wired, laptop is wireless. Router is WRT54G and firmware on router is v2.00.8. Both comps "see" eachother and I can make a network shared folder on my xp home desktop and get files from it, but I can't do the reverse. Linksys never helps. I too found a big problem with network transfers. Have you tried using the wireless very close to the router? I found that over long distances, I am still connected to the router but almost all the packets are broken/lost.

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