Gigabyte MOBO weird problem

I have a GA-MA69GM-S2H motherboard. It has worked fine for around 2 years until i cleaned it out a few weeks ago, found out ma processor was broke (bent some pins when cleaning the case out, silly me). Got a new one today, put it all back together correct, no shorts, all previous parts on the board are working and now it gives me 1 long beep that repeats when i boot up. Removed the video card, i got the same result.
So the problem is that with or without the working graphics card, i get 1 long repeating beep which indicates a fault in the video card, whats going on?
Any help in correcting this or finding the fault would be much appreciated
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  1. if the beeps repeat seemingly infinitly its a memory issue. try reseating the ram.
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