Feedback on my 5850 temps?

I'm running a Sapphire Vapor-X 5850 2GB. Up until this week, my video card idle temp was ~37C. Now that I have added a 2nd 1920x1080 monitor, my idle temp has increased to 44C. I was expecting a jump, but is this now in the high range?

I ran FurMark for 20 minutes and seemed to top out at 66C.

I let ATI CCC control my fan speed and it is usually ~25%. Should I disable the auto fan control and raise the fan speed or am I worrying about nothing?
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  1. are you serious. My gfx card is idling at 58 degrees right now at 72% fan speed. 66C running furmark is low for any recent card. Mine can easily hit 80C with a room temp of 25C.
  2. Would you create a custom profile in MSI afterburner to get the idle temps back in the 30s? I'm all for maximizing the life on components :)
  3. But as I understand it, Overdrive will not allow me to create a fan curve based on the current temp. it will just run at a static speed 24/7.
  4. Idle temps in the 30's?? my case temps are in the 30's and in summer my room temps are in the 30' u live in an ice box? just leave it be, your temps are lower than everyone elses that I have seen.
  5. Turns out, the core and mem clocks will not not fully underclock themselves wen using 2 monitors. Hmmm, learned something new everyday. With stock fan control, the idle is 44C, when using a user defined curve, at idle, the temp was 38C @ 45% speed. Are you saying the difference in temp isnt worth the constant > in fan speed?
  6. I also think that your temps are nothing to worry about.

    If you still want those ultra low temps, I would base my judgment of whether the fan speed increase is worth it on the increased amount of noise that it generated.

    If going from ~25% to 45% fan speed doesn't cause any appreciable increase in noise, or if it is within your personal threshold, then I'd stick with what you've got.

    Another way to get your temps back down is by doing the following:

    Through the MSI Afterburner, you can click "Settings", then go to the "Profiles" tab. There you will see an "Automatic profiles management" section where you can set a 2D and 3D profile.

    The logic of this being you make a profile where you force the lowest clocks. Then you make a profile where you set the maximum, stock, or whatever you use for gaming.

    Then you set the lower one for the 2D profile, so that you can have ultra low temps (along with low fan speeds), and then set the higher clocked profile for the 3D profile in order to get all the power you need for gaming.
  7. I only have a single 5850, when core and mem are underclocked I idle at around 28C, when idling at 870/1200 temps go to around 35C. Running Furmark for 5 mins @ 870/1200 I hit around 61C with the fan never going higher than 55%
  8. you realize GPU temps can safely hit a lot higher thems then CPU....44C for a GPU is fine....hell some people have GPUS that hit 90-100C on load
  9. Here's a question that didn't really have any answers from Google (Imagine that)

    Let's say I have two different points that my GPU temp settles at. Low 30's and at 40C (one monitor v two monitors) In my profile, I have the fan set to 30% until it hits 38C where it turns to 40%. On occasion, the single monitor temp will bump against 38C multiple times over a time period leading to constant swapping between 30% and 40% fan speed. Something tells me it is not a good thing for the fan to have constant voltage readjustments. However, Im reluctant to set my baseline fan speed to anything higher than it needs to be. Otherwise, I'd leave it at a constant 40%. So basically my question is: Do I keep the current configuration or do I set the fan to a constant 40% to avoid the added stress of constantly bouncing between two speeds?

    No, I'm not this paranoid about everything. Haha. I've really gotten into this whole efficient cooling concept of late.
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