Phenom II 840 causing bottleneck?

I'm wondering if my Phenom II x4 840 3.2Ghz CPU can keep up with a Radeon HD 6950. I know this cpu uses the propus die and isn't a real phenom but I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

here's the link to my 840 and the 6950:

Any input is helpful, thanks!
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    it really depends on the specific game and resolution, for the most part you will be fine.
  2. ^+1 There will most likely be some bottleneck you could reduce it alot by overclocking a bit, the amout of bottleneck depends on what resolution you are gaming at.
  3. I can OC to 3.5ish GHz without much trouble but could probably do a lot better if I upgraded my cooler. I'm playing Rift at 1920x1080 right now which is why I was thinking I might need to bump up my clock speeds since I don't like to drop below the native resolution. Do you think that would do it? I can pick up a new cooler in a month or two but that 6950 ate up my upgrade budget for now.
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  5. can the 840 cope with the 6850 then?
  6. SeizedBog said:
    can the 840 cope with the 6850 then?

    I haven't found any bottleneck with the 6950, so I doubt it would have any trouble handling the 6850
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