Need PCI non express graphics car with Directx 11 support

Hello I recently bought a rather old but powerful HP computer to game with and it does not have a PCI x16 slot anywhere only a PCI x1 slot and stupid identical to x16 but useless for graphics cards ADD2 slot. I need a graphics card that does not require a x16 slot and has support for DirectX 11. I don't care about stats just the DirectX 11 support so cheaper is better. I know these sort of cards are very rare that is why I'm asking. thx ya
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  1. AFAIK, there are no PCI graphics cards that support DX11. ALl are PCI-e

    What is the model number of your HP?
  2. Good luck. They don't exist.
  3. Darn there are many good PCIEX1 only cards with DX10 but not one with DX11? =(

    ....I can modify this slot for x16 I know it will bottleneck horribly but not worried about that.

    Thx for the help
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