Enough power

in the next week im getting a aerocool Vx-E Pro witch has:

Front: 140mm fan (LED)
200mm fan, 800rpm
120mm fan, 1500rpm

im running a 2.66Ghz Q9400
avrge mobo
a GTS 250
2 x HDDs

i've been running htis on 2 PSU's one (molex short)
nw im tierd of doing this so im considering the Vantec iON2 + or the gigabyte odin 585w maybe another PSU if it fits that price range...

but in future 6mnths to a year considering a GTX 570 or 6970 would i be able to keep the same PSU also i might oerclock CPU to 3GHz maybe 3.2Ghz

Thanx for help...
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  1. for that setup the 570 and 6970 are likley to be to much gfx card for the cpu unless you can go to 3ghz+ even then i guess your pushing it some.
    psu wise 650 to be safe although 550w would run it as its the recommended minimum. but if your gonna oc you will want the little extra headroom the 650w brings.
  2. List some shopping links so we can direct you to some better units.
    The Odin psu you mention is not good and i have no idea about the Vantec.
  3. yo-ma-se-naai said:

    Go with the Corsair unit it's a really good price for S.A. and will be fine.
    Keep in mind it's Corsair's entry level so it's suitable for a mainstream rig with a good gpu and mild oc.
    If you intend on building an oc'd gaming rig i would spend some more money and get a TX series unit.
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