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Step-Up Worth it? 460 1gb SC to GTX470

I bought my EVGA 460 in August for 249.00. It's this one:

As you can see, it is now 199.00 after 10.00 MIR.

I can step up to the non-superclocked GTX 470 for around 45 dollars since it is listed at 259.00 now and I would only be responsible for ten dollars difference, shipping both ways, and tax on the difference. Here is the 470 I'm considering (you can only step-up to reference designs so the Superclocked 470 is out):

Should I do it? Will I see that much of a gain? I still can't max out BFBC2 at 1920x1080, but I wonder if my current SC card is close to the performance. I only have two weeks left to decide.

Also, does anybody have any clue what shipping would be both ways? I live in CA.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. I would say no, it's not worth upgrade, your current card performance isn't far away with GTX470 performance, maybe a little, just a little...
    Does your mobo support dual card/SLI?
  2. No, this mobo (P45 Platinum) just supports crossfire and I've never owned an ATI card, so that's disappointing. I almost switched to the EVGA 750i but my current mobo is supposed to be better support for my SSD and at this point I don't want to upgrade this platform much more. I guess if I don't get the 470 then I won't be upgrading for quite a while.

    I'm thinking I'll do it because I want to, but I'm not sure if they'd give me one of the lifetime warranty cards but if they would that would be a reason to do it since this card only has a 2 year warranty.
  3. wow wish I could do the step up I got the exact same card in sept and for some reason it says it's not available for step up and i would love this considering I bought 2
  4. What reason does it give? There's a really detailed FAQ about the program. Basically, you have 3 months and can get any card "better" than the one you have, but not anything other than the normal reference.

    I'm thinking I'm going to do it just because I paid a lot for my 460 compared to now and why not blow another 40 bucks.
  5. Only $45 right? So, go for it, it won't hurt you, because you want it too... :)
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    I would do the step up. Higher early price and current lowered price is a good combination.
    If you ever want to sell a card, you should get your $45 back on the GTX470. Cneck completed listings on ebay.
    I would guess $8-10 for shipping. Check the USPS web site for a postage calculation.
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  8. Sold! I slept on it and that's what I'm going to do. I'll just tell the wifey that it's a way to protect my investment because I will now have a lifetime warranty instead of two years!
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