1000€ INTEL vs AMD pls HEEEELP!!!

Hi guys, i'm building a new gamer rig for 1000€ and i just have a graphic card, Ati 5850... i'm wondering if build a intel based system or amd based, and i just wanna spend all 1000€, so i ask you to confront this build options:
1) Intel i7 950, Asus RAMPAGE EXTREME, OCZ i7 edition 6gb cl 8-8-8-24 1600mhz TRIPLE CHANELL, aerocool xpredator evil black case and the rest on a HDD. OR 2)ADM Phenom II 970 Black edition, Asus CROSSHAIR IV EXTREME, OCZ AMD BE edition 4gb cl 7-7-7-24 1600mhz DUAL CHANELL, aerocool xpredator evil black case, OCZ SSD 50gb PCI-e 75k IOPS, really i dont know what choose, asus crosshair motherboard have Hydra Lucid tecnology to combine graphic cards from any manufactures, so if i choose rampage i will must use only nvidia or ati graphics? what is better for new coming Crysis 2? please heeeeeeelp
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  1. anyone suggest some changes?
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