Will amd athlon 64 3200 bottleneck ati HD 5450?


hi, i have
AMD Athlon 64 3200+

and vga radeon x1550 series

planning to buy vga ati HD 5450

Will it bottleneck if i change it to HD 5450?

and about perfomance...

will it boost drastictly or just slight boost?

if it bottleneck can you recommend me what to do without changing my processor? or maybe i just buy athlon 64 x2??? I don't want buy new motherboard!

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  1. Agreed. Neither is a great thing for gaming, so it won't matter. You'll see some improvements, but it won't be amazing. That doesn't matter either as I doubt your screen resolution is increasing.
  2. ah.. well i know my cpu sucks! so i giving up!

    thanks for everyone answer, i need a total upgrade maybe :o
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