Do I have a DOA CPU?

I just built a desktop PC and have not had any luck in getting it to post. After powering it up with only its bare essentials I get no beeps and no video. I already swapped out the power supply with one I know is working well and nothing changed. I also sent back the motherboard hoping that it was DOA and now I installed the new one hoping it not DOA also. Im still in the same situation. I changed from both (2) 2 gig sticks of ram to just 1 stick of 2 gigs ram and even tried each one itself. Nope, nothing! I am now assuming that my quad core CPU is DOA. I am waiting for it to arrive tomorrow and hoping it solves the problem of no post. Please add your thoughts. Thanks!
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  1. Are you sure the CPU is supported by the motherboard?

    Check the motherboard manufacturer's website to see if the CPU you are trying to use is supported, it may require a BIOS update to work and you'll need a CPU that is already compatible to update the BIOS.
  2. RAM card needed to be in B1 rather than A1 - works now :sol:
  3. i see you fixed it but heres a simple test. if your rig is a finished build.

    turn on the monitor and wait for the no signal.
    time it to see how long it takes to go in to standby.
    now turn it on again and as soon as you see the no signal message turn on the pc.
    if the monitor jumps into standby as soon as you hit the power button on the pc the cpu is either not fitted correctly or dead.
    if it comes up dead try it in another motherboard if you can. if not rma it asap.
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