Motherboard and PSU problem :(

i was getting blue screen errors and my comp kept crashing for a couple weeks.finally my comp would turn on but my monitor wouldnt display anything so i started messing with it.
but anyways,i accidentally plugged the 6 pinned plug thats supposed to go into my video card into the 4 slot motherboard fit perfectly and i didnt notice a thing! they both look exactly alike. well when i turned my comp on it blew and started wouldnt turn on after this so i assumed i fried the motherboard.
well i moved my psu and video card into my old computer but it wont even turn on! how could that have possibly destroyed my psu?!?! is it even possible?
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  1. i think you proved its more then possible. lets hope its just a new PSU and mobo you need to shop for.
  2. yeah :( i am jsut so bummed cause that comp was my life and i did a stupid mistake.i also spent a lot of money on it.
    i asked here cause i wanted to make sure.maybe someone has done something similar.i dont get it,did electricity shoot back into the psu or something? i figured if anything,only the video card cord wouldve been damaged along with the motherboard.
  3. The cpu power plug say cpu on it. I hope you didn't fry the board too. good luck.
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