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what is meant by dot pitch crt
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  1. How many per inch
  2. Dot Pitch refers to the actual distance between pixels on the screen. So the smaller the number, the better. Ultimately this means a better image quality detail wise.

    Hopefully you're not buying a new CRT. :) LCD monitors are fairly cheap these days.
  3. Been so long, I forgot heheh
  4. Your answer isn't really wrong, it's just not as direct. :) Ultimately, the closer the pixels are together, the more you'd have per square inch. So you're still sort of right anyhow! LOL

    The literal answer though, is that dot pitch is the measurement between pixels. But yeah, it's been a long time since I've even talked specs on CRTs. I have an old Samsung monitor my wife just dragged out of a storage closet. Forgot I even had it. ;)
  5. Whats the dot pitch between spider webs on it?
    Plus, it needed clarafication, cause I answered knowing something wasnt quite right
  6. Chances are the OP won't come back to answer anyhow. Registering to ask one single question like that could have been replaced with a simple Google search of "dot pitch".

    But, no big loss. :) If they come back at least they'll have the answer, whether they respond or not.
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