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3ds max and gaming computer

i am looking to build a desktop around an AMD 1055t processor and either a 6850 or duel gts 450's if one 450 is powerful enough to play games like gta4 on atleast high then i will buy one now and one later.

those are to two parts that i really need to be good and i was going to overclock the cpu. i already have a external hdd that i can put a majority or my files on so a huge internal isnt needed unless the price is right.

all i really need is just the tower as i have the rest. i just want parts that will support the cpu and gpu but not cutting edge parts.

i would like to keep the price in the 500-600 range and am open to cheaper solutions.
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  1. forgot to add as the title suggest that the computer will be used for 3ds max rendering and games. i will be using other programs such as autocad and inventor etc....
  2. $573AR
  3. thanks for the input! any particluar reason to spend the extra twenty on the 1075t when i could overclock the 1055t to that speed for less?
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    The 1075T, over a respectable sized sample have been know to either clock higher and/or achieve same clocks at lower voltage than 1055T ^^ Yep u are welcomed
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