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Corsair vengeance lp & regular

Hi everyone, I just finished with my build a while ago and I'm pretty satisfied but I'm just looking to max it out as much as possible. As the signature states I have 8gbs of corsair vengeance ram and I want to add 8 more. The thing is I have a cooler master CPU fan installed and it's really low and close to the ram slots. I tried fitting my corsair vengeance over it but it won't fit. Then I saw the lp ones or low profile that dont have the heat spreaders over them and I'm sure those would fit perfectly. Does it matter if I have these two mixed? As far as I know, the only differences are the shorter heat spreaders. I was looking to buy a 16gb set and give the extra 8gb to my brother who is starting his build soon.

Tl;dr : can I mix corsair vengeance lp with regular vengeance?
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  1. Newegg has some 8 gb of corsair ram kits in their email pre black friday sale for $34.99 with no rebate, but the heatsink may be too big. Keep checking this week for specials as they appear or next cyber monday. I don't recommend mixing ram. Get four 4 gb sticks of the same variety to be safe with all 4 ram slots filled. Sell any leftover on craigslist if you don't give them to your family.
  2. I've seen people mix blue and black corsair vengeance ram before and I thought maybe its the same thing. They're both 1600 MHz ddr3. For future reference the CPU cooler that won't allow it to fit is a cooler master hyper n250.
  3. Typically, it "should" work easily but we can't guarantee it as we have not officially tested it. The only way to know for sure is to install them and test.
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    I had the same question. They should work right? If so, I'll go buy it right now! I just built a new rig and turns out I am a big fan of Corsair products. Bought memory, full tower 800D case, psu, etc.

    Why wouldn't they if both sticks are the same and the only difference is the heatspreader or is the "regular" vengence different than its low profile counterpart?

    Below are links to the high profile vengence and low profile. Please advise. Thanks for the help.

    High profile

    Low profile
  5. I contacted corsair and they told me they hadn't tested it but it should work fine
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