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First of all , let me tell you , i am very new to windows and have always used a mac so i don't know much about networks :D

I want to setup my pc as a wireless access point so i use the internet on my ipad . The internet connection i am using on my pc is through lan .

Whenever i use the Asus wifi wizard i do not see any option to add a lan connection for internet . I did check the manual first.

Can anyone tell me how to set this up ?

Oh and its Windows 7 64bit

Screenshot -

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  1. Does the Ipad not have wireless itself ?

    I wouldn't have thought Windows Internet Connection Sharing would work with Apple stuff, but I may be wrong.
  2. i have ipad Wifi 3G

    its not only this gadget , i cannot use internet on any wifi device ! :(
  3. If you are sharing communal LAN (say, like on campus) you may not be permitted to add a wireless router to the system -- but that would be the simplest way to permit access to internet wireless for wireless equipped devices (like the iPad). You need to talk to a knowledgeable retailer and explain your setup. If on campus first speak to system administrator.

    Trying to use the PC as a wireless access point might be feasible but I don't know how.
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