MSI GTX580 Recommended PSU

Im looking at a perfect PSU for a single GPU GTX580, this is going into my mates computer.

I have had a look at the Antec HCG 620W it seems to fit the bill, For price to performance.

Please help me out on this?
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    If he decides to go SLI later on i'd go with the Corsair 850HX modular power supply...$149.99 after rebate

    or the Corsair 750 modular power supply $126.99 after rebate.

    those would be my using the 850hx right now on my GTX 295...
  2. Nope no SLI will be going into this build, why we went with the most powerful single GPU

    The minimum for the 580 is 600W but as Antec deliver 620W Continuous on this model, I thought that would sit perfectly with a 2500k and 6 fans + room for OC

    Im just curious if there is something out there for the same price thats better? (Aussie Dollars)

    Antec True Power 650W?
  3. The requirement is 42 amps on the +12v rails: 500 Series Family&sw=

    Most quality 600w psu's will fill the requirement.

    A quality psu will come from Antec, Seasonic, XFX, PC P&C, and Corsair to name a few.

    Here in the US, XFX has well priced units, like this 650W unit:
    It is modular too with 52A.
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