Rebuilt my computer, need some opinons

I've had my system for almost 2 and a half years now so I decided to give it a bit of a face lift.

Specs are:

CM-690II Advanced
Q6600 @ 3.2 9x355 @ 4:5 ratio/1423 FSB
Xigmatek Dark Knight Push/Pull
4gb ddr2-800 @ 900.5-5-5-15
EVGA 680i SLI board
8800gts 512 (supposed to be 2 of them, but i loaned one out.)
Sound card/4 hdd's/dvd

Changed the case from the original 690 to the 690 II Advanced
New additions are the push pull and the dark knight. I replaced my old xigmatek rifle with the DK and gave my old one to my brother so i can overclock his q6600.
Added a Lian-li or w/e 5.25 harddrive bay so i can mount those 2 120mm fans on it for better heatsink airflow.
Also changed all my case fans, including the push pull setup to Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F's @ 63 cfm
Added a scythe s-flex 110 cfm w/ a controller to the side panel as well.
dust filters all around etc etc

Running prime 95 right now and am capped at 57 57 48 48 for core temps @ 21c room temperature (its winter and the heats on)
Lowest temps are 28 31 22 24

Im going to wait till the gtx 560 or 570 comes out and maybe get one of those to replace my old SLI 8800's

If anyone has an ideas as to anything i can do/change/add please let me know. Im very bored and have been messing w/ this thing non stop for the last week and am looking for more to do.
Opinions of the temperatures would also be greatly appreciated, im looking for some comparisons to better judge my build.

* I just realized that I just applied the thermal paste, and I used arctic silver 5. I think it takes 300 hours to cure, so i might still see better temps in a month or so.
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  1. You probably won't. I know what the advertising says (200 hours), but ...
    I have been using AS5 for years and I have never seen a significant drop in temps after it "cures".
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