X6 black edition rig

can anybody help me come up with a mid range set up with a amd phenom ii x6 1090T

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  1. pair it with a quality AM3 board that supports USB3 (from Asus, Gigabyte, or MSI), stuff it with a pair of 2GB quality DDR3/1600 sticks, and a GTX460
  2. What is midrange? like price, performance, or longevity of the system, what do you wanna do with this rig?
  3. Where do you plan on buying from? Do you have a MicroCenter near you?

  4. around £600
  5. i want it to be fast as possible maybe OC 2 4ghz, antec 1200 case noctua nh d14
  6. Giving what you just asked for, around £600 is impossible...

    Considering, the three parts you asked for will cost £374.

    Your looking at at least 700 at best if you dont want your processor bottlenecked by the rest of your system.
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