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Hey everyone, About a year ago i bought and installed the ATI HD 4870. It worked perfect.
Recently I had to switch some settings (using catalyst) so i could play a certain game. NOw i have a problem. I get these blue dots in certain pictures, videos and games. Here's a pictur(in games it is way more extreme)
Even when I reset the settings to default, I still get that problem.
How can i fix this? Thanks.
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  1. BUMP
  2. Is it overheating? Check in the Catalyst Control Center and monitor the temps. My 4870x2 was doing that when it was overheating. Eventually it fried itself and was doing that even when cool and so I had to RMA it.
  3. It says its at 53 Celsius. It says that's pretty cool. I don't suspect anything to be terribly wrong, because it only happened after i changed the settings, so it must be a setting issue.
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