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Here is the full story: Was working fine for four hours at least. Temp didn't go above 38c, and graphics were running maxed. After a few hours I decided to try to run LotRO in HD. I grabbed my HDTV, which can double as a computer monitor, and plugged in the VGA cord, and the HDMI cord into both the computer and the monitor. Nothing happened when I switched the input mode to HDMI, so I thought maybe if I restarted the computer with the VGA cord unplugged, the computer would automatically recognize the HDMI and run in HD.

Well,nothing happened, so I plugged the VGA cord back in, and then couldn't get a display out of that, so, with no other option, I had to shut the computer down with the power button. I tried multiple more times, and each time I would up having to shut the computer down by holding the power button. After about an hour, there started being no signal from the graphics card with either monitor I used. Then this morning when I turned the computer on, it had me run the repair tool on start up, which I ran, but still nothing worked. Right now I'm using the built in graphics on the computer, just enough to display the screen, but not the integrated.

I don't think the card is broken, as I can still hear it, see it, and feel the fan spinning, but yet I still get no signal. I tried calling the ATI help line, but it's not operational on the weekend. According to SIW the motherboard isn't registering the card, but the fan is still spinning. There are no signs of the card being fried either. Like I said, it worked fine for a few hours before I decided to mess with it.

So far I've tried clearing the CMOS, uninstalling the old NVIDIA drivers, reinstalling the ATI drivers from the CD, and new ones from the website, but still nothing works. I would really appreciate some kind of help here. I've been so stressed all day just trying to get this to work.

I've also tried a system restore, and running the installer in safe mode, but still nothing. And sorry for bumping my old thread. Wasn't aware of the rule. I apologize.
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  1. Oh wow, just realized I forgot to mention the whole source of the problem. I received a Sapphire HD4670 last night. That is what is giving me the troubles and my computer is not recognizing.
  2. did u tried re-seating the graphic card?
  3. also, how did you connect the computer and HDTV?maybe only certain ports can work at the same time?
  4. Card reseated multiple times, and at the moment, I'm not even concerned with displaying in HD. I just want the card to work again. I can tell it's getting power, because the fan is spinning, but for some reason the computer won't recognize it.
  5. When you decided to go HD did you plug the TV into the card with the computer power on?!
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