Prioritising my next upgrades.

Greetings Everyone.

I built my computer late January 2010, these are my specs.

CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 620 @ stock 2.6GHz
RAM: 4GB G.Skill 1333mhz in 1GB Modules
MBO: AsRock M3A785GXH/128M
GFX: EVGA Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 512mb 95W Edition
PSU: Coolermaster eXtreme 550W

I use my PC for 3D Modelling, Animation and Rendering. This is CPU based rendering, not GPU. I also play games, recent ones like AC2, Just Cause 2, BC2 etc.

I will soon be in a position where upgrading is possible.

I can afford to upgrade the GPU to a Gigabyte Geforce GTX460 768mb or a cheaper ASUS Geforce GTS450 Superclocked or anything bellow.

Or I can choose to upgrade the CPU to a AMD Phenom II x6 1055t/1075t/1090t Cheaper is better, which is best value for money?

I need some advice on what is the best component to upgrade, and what is best value for money.

Thanks in Advance :)
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  2. What software are you using? and is it GPU accelerated? CUDA accelerated?

    If so get a GTX 460 768 for $120 after promo and MIR

    If not you can also consider the x6, which will boost your workstation performance. However, gaming won't be helped (may be slightly worse actually).

    Either way, GPU upgrade would be best overall improvement as your current one is really old.
  3. 460 is a great upper mid range card for gaming at below 1080P in most games....

    I'd keep your current quad core, personally...
  4. Thanks for the advice.

    I'm using Blender 3D's internal render engine- It is CPU only and is highly multi threaded.

    All the cpu's that I am considering an upgrade to have both more cores and a higher clock speed, I'm not sure how my gaming performance would go down.. Is it even possible? I know that there will be no significant or noticeable improvement with games if i keep the GPU the same, but the CPU rendering should go up 150% at least right?
  5. X6 chip is same size and 45nm process as x4. So you take same amount of power, same bandwidth, but divide by 6 instead of 4. Per core performance suffers, hence the x6 CPU's are worse at gaming than x4's.

    Hyperthreading does a similar thing. In fact, the hyperthreaded i7-920 was worse at gaming than the i5-750, despite identical architecture and clock speed.

    CPU rendering does not scale linearly with core increase. There's always overhead from multi threading. Also, the bandwidth issue as aforementioned.

    Closer to a 25% increase at best.
  6. I suggest, if you do upgrade cpus, to wait until Sandy Bridge comes out. Which is next month. Pricing has been confirmed that the i5 2400S will be at 199$ so the old i5 750 pricing. This puts it at a great spot, the reason being the performance of the 2400S is at that of the current i7 880, or for that matter the top of the 1156's lineup asside from the 875K.


    Converted from Dollars US - RM Malaysia and that gives you roughly 195$ for the 2400S from the current worth of the dollar.
  7. Other option might be to pick up a phenom 2 x4 be should be cheaper, but give you some better game performance, plus they've got higher clock speed. It appears though you have around 200 to spend.

    Maybe pick up an athlon II x4 640 or similar, that way you go from 2.6 ghz to 3.0 or better. with the rest, maybe grab a gts 450. That would fit the budget, and should give a nice overall upgrade. Or OC the 620 to close to 3 ghz, grab a 460 and call it a day.
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