Insprion 1720 memory upgrade issue

So i bought the below linked memory kit, after doing research that showed it would be compatible with my laptop, DDR-2, 800MHz and total of 4gb (2x2GB) all should be within the limits of the laptop. The original memory is DDR-2 667MHz and 2GB (2x1GB), and I do not have any way to test if one of the dimms is DOA or if there's a compatibility issue. Is there any reason the 800MHz memory is not working? I obviously need to send back what I've bought, but should I do a return and purchase 667MHz memory, or should I do an exchange for the same item? Thanks for your help.
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  1. should have bought the ram at or at least used their ram configurator software to get a ram model number. Dell is so bad about ram upgrades on some machines. They are too picky. You should also pull one of the sticks out and match the make at least. could by hynix or crucial.
  2. i did use and what is in the machine currently is actually samsung, i have no interest in tracking down samsung memory. in any case, any suggestion about whether i should get something with matching 667MHz instead of 800MHz or should i just get new memory as if DOA?
  3. My original suggestion is the same. Unless your original ram was made by gskill, I would pull a stick and match the model number if possible and get the same brand. Otherwise, you'll have to purchase it through dell and pay about double the going rate.
  4. i already pulled a stick, the brand is samsun. where in the hell do you find samsung brand memory? i've never heard of them even making memory.
  5. Samsung makes hynix brand memory. Have you tried reseating the gskill ram? New ram is sometimes tight going into the slot. I would also try that. Two sticks of this will work. Newegg also has one ddr2 hynix 4 gb kit.
  6. as i'm not in the UK, the ebay link won't do me much good. can you link the newegg hynix listing? i can't find it
  7. Two of these will run you about $54. The ram you need is the fifth one down on the list.
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