3 6870s in CrossfireX?

Is it possible to have more than two 6870s in CrossFireX? I've read in multiple review that only two cards are possible, but the products specification say it supports CrossFireX, which if I'm not mistaken, means that it can run in three or four card configurations. Is there a way to do this?
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  1. CrossfireX just means you can run multiple cards together, not necessarily 3 or 4, they only have a single crossfire link at the top its not possible to run more than two together because you cannot connect the bridges so no there isnt a way to do it.
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    No, the card only has one crossfire connector. It would need two for more than dual crossfire. Nvidia did the same thing with the GTX 460. The HD6950/70 should support tri/quad crossfire and will be out approximately a month from now.
  3. Yup I wouldn't be surprised if AMD and Nvidia got together and agreed to chop the number of sli/crossfire connectors in half at the midrange. Saves cash and having to worry about drivers and stops more arms race there.
  4. That answers my question. Thanks.
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