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Is the gfx 460 the best graphic card in the middle class? Is it quiet? (trying to build a quiet system)
If not what is a quiet gpu with fan in the middle class. max 250 usd.
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  1. why get the 460 with 250? If you have that budget why not get the 5850, that or the 6850? It has great single and cf performance equivelent to that of the 460. Plus its 1gb vram (not a big difference but still cheaper than the 1gb 460) not only that there very good OCers, up to 900mhz on stock voltage. Not to mention basically the same dba as the 460s.


    But if you do stick with the 460 ( a good choice none the less) the Cyclone is a good model to look at so is the Hawk. Both MSI cards, that or the DirectCu from asus.
  2. The ECS GTX460 Black is the quietest video card they have tested at Guru3d, including all the recent releases. The key is it's Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo Pro cooler. The ECS Black comes in at 37dB at full load, vs. the Hawk and Cyclone at 43dB. The 6850 is close at 38dB:

    It is also one of the fastest, with plenty of headroom to overclock. Performance is on par with the 6850, except when you overclock, the ECS Black shows greater potential. At max overclock, on an identical setup, these reviews show the Black beating the 6850 by between 27-10 fps, except at 2560x1600 resolution:

    As an added bonus, it's only $179 at Newegg after rebate:
  3. thanks alot. I am not from US so I think the prices is different. much higher here. 460 cost around 240. but thanks anyway. I think I will go for 460 cyclone.
  4. great. problem is that I live in europe so I guess post fees and tax will be high?
    but I will definately look for ecs gtx 460 in my country.
  5. Great choice! Well according to the guru3d review, you could get to the 480's performance on a single oc alone. So just a minor tweak on the shaders ands clocks you have a 480 for the price of 240 basically.


    Great choice.
  6. What are the prices of 6850s and 70s where you live?
    The 6850 CuCore is a great card and sells less than the 460s OCs while performing better.
  7. Is the $240 GTX460 768MB or 1GB? If its 1GB, get that.
  8. I am mainly going to play flight simulator x. heard that its more cpu demanding than gpu demanding. So I dont want to buy a to expensive gpu if cpu is more important.
    I will probably go for a quadcore amd. 3.2 ghz
  9. its 768mb and 1gb! different brands has different prices. confusing!
    but this 1 gb cost 267 https://www.abbo.no/abbo/default.asp?page=vare&ProdusentID=ZT-40402-10P
  10. So whats best of 1gb 460 or 1gb 6850? seems like price is almost the same
  11. The DirectCU as i mentioned in my post about getting a 6850, is probably the best 6850 and the best 1gb 460 is the MSI 460 1gb Hawk. Runs real cool too after oc.

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