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So i've very much new to networking, I've messed around with remote desktop but that about it. So pretty much my goal is to be able to be able to play the movie music, and the like on my desktop downstairs to my laptop, I was thinking about possibly turning an old computer into an server, but it has very limited storage only 80 GBs,

So i'm pretty set on having my primary desktop at as the suedo server. It's currently running windows 7 pro, and i'd rather not dual boot, as i use it for gaming, and folding at home so it's on all the time when i'm not gaming or what not running folding at home. I had looked into the homegroup, for windows 7 but it seems that it's only between other windows 7 computer, and my lappy is vista/ubuntu dual boot.

So any suggestion would be great, or link to information that would be helpful for what i'm trying to do
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  1. bumpage,
  2. just share out the folder..

    I have my machine upstairs with all my media on it..

    I right click on the DRIVE (in my case it was my M drive for media) went to sharing gave everyone full control(or w.e permissions you want).

    You can also do this by folder.

    Just make sure in win 7 the sharing is enabled you can access that in network sharing and security
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