Good Build?

Hey, Will be building a new computer some time at January~

How does this look? (if we forget about sandy bridge for the posts time being)








I will probably bump the HDD up to a cavier black or even a Velociraptor :)
I will also add another GPU in the future for SLI :)
I can add another £100 to my build maybe but i would like to see a build within my price limit so all suggestions are very welcome :)
thanks :P

EDIT* no AMD please
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  1. Forgetting about Sandy Bridge and forgetting that the LGA1156 platform is "dead" and offers no upgrade path down the road.....

    Overall that is a good build. My suggestions are below.

    HDD / SSD - Replace the WD with a Samsung Spinpoint F3. ...or... Use your additional money and buy an SSD for a boot drive (OCZ Agility 2 or similar with a SandForce controller), then buy a 1TB or 2TB drive for additional storage.

    GPU - The GTS 450 is a good card, but consider an HD 5770. If you have a good idea you are going with multiple GPUs later, then stick with the GTS 450 or opt up for a GTX 460.

    PSU - Again... If you have a good idea you are going with multiple GPUs later, step up the PSU past 600w. Antec, OCZ or Corsair... Maybe this one =>

  2. hmm... PSU looks good and forgeting about sandy bridge is not a good thing lol Thanks for the help :)
  3. Yeah, nice build in general, but since we're so close to the new platform, might as well check out the official reviews and benchmarks before making a decision one way or the other.

    One thing I'll say though, that you're better off with a P55 board for a (presumably) gaming build.

    Also, I don't see an ODD in your build. Do you plan to re-cycle one from your old PC? If so, you can do that with your HDD as well for now. Maybe add an SSD in a year's time when the prices come down a bit. Just make sure you have your connectors in place if your current system is a bit long in the tooth and has IDE drives.
  4. I have a spare 2.5" 500gb HDD i could put to use and yes, i also have a ODD :)
    Thankfully all Sata.

    Also i will be keeping an eye on pricing and sandy bridge, will push this back to February.
    Thanks for the answers :)
  5. Cheers :)
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