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Hey, I am looking to get a new video card to replace my 9800 GT. I want one that runs fairly cool or won't have the fan blaring.

I am looking to spend $200 at the most.

I am looking at the:

Anyone think its a good choice? It is $195 after rebate.
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  1. AMD 6870 should fancy you're style.
  2. I was going to suggest the 6850 but the 5850 is 250. If he can afford 250 now might as well get the 6870.
  3. I am just looking for a card that will run almost anything on High with no loud fans. I got an Antec 900 and the air flow is pretty good, going to add an extra fan once I get the new card.

    I can afford $300, but I rather only spend $200 or less. Would it be better to wait for deals on November?
  4. up to $200

    $125 for HD 5770, GTS 450
    $150 for GTX 460 768Mb
    $180 for GTX 460 1G, HD 6850

    Other than 450, you can pick any of those.
  5. I am going with the GTX 460 thanks.
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