Please help me, I have been connecting my Acer Aspire 7720G laptop to my Samsung 50" HDTV for the past year with no problems using an HMDI to DVI cable with a seperate audio jack in order to watch movies from my laptop. Then out of the blue, I went to connect it one day last week and instead of the TV automatically switching to the correct HDMI/DVI source channel, the screen just displays the message 'no signal'. The TV always plays a little melody whenever you connect an external source and it still does this, so I can only assume there is nothing actually wrong with the cable as some sort of signal must be going through for the TV to recognise it. It is really annoying!! I would appreciate any advice to help sort this out... My laptop has an NVIDIA Geforce 9300MG Graphics card and is running Windows Vista. Please be gentle with me as I am not an expert in these things :??:
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  1. try a different cable first and rule that out.
  2. i've ordered one from ebay....waiting for it to arrive....thought i'd try this in the meantime :)

    Thing is though, the TV still registers that something is being connected to it, that's what I don't understand.
  3. 1. Have you tried using the Fn + F8 (Has a monitor picture on it) to send the video out?
    2. You can also try reinstalling your video drivers.
  4. Hi, tried fn and f5 and it didn't work (f8 is to mute the audio on my laptop). To be honest, I don't really want to mess about with the drivers if I can avoid it as I have had bad experiences in the past lol. Is that likely to be the problem? It's just that its a case of it was working fine one day then nothing the next - no new programs or anything installed....sooo frustrating!!
  5. Probably the cable if I had to guess. If you have another PC, you could test that out as well...Its also possible your resolution got switched to somthing the TV can't display properly...

    Also, if your Samsung is simmilar to my model (UNc8000), try editing the source for the DVI input to specifiy that its a PC input, which generally gives support for a wider range of resolutions. That might help a bit...
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