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Battlestar Command Bridge to Close

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August 21, 2004 5:11:32 PM

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End of the line...

Everyone... friends, fellow-players, and everyone else :) . I guess it has
come time for me to call it quits. It is with much reluctance that I decide
to close down my hosting service at Battlestar Command Bridge. yes, this is
no joke, and I regret having to do it. The reasons of course are many, and
the reasons don't really matter that much when you are a player
on the site, faced with your hosting site closing down. But just let me say
that over the past couple of years I have faced a few personal crises, as
well as some hardships, but through it all I remained steadfast in my
devotion to hosting. However recently my life and circumstances have taken
a turn, and I just have too much on my plate to continue running this host.

Not only problems with the Hosting system, ie. AUTO TROLL, and its problems
it has given me recently, but with viruses, worms, and just too much to
list. It has gotten to where my time spent doing this is just too much, and
thus I find it necessary to quit... I don't know if it is for good, but
experience has shown that once a site leaves, it probably won't come back.

I have to admit that I have made some good friends here, and will continue
my relationship with them, to a lesser degree of course. I will not be
completely gone of course, I plan on continuing to play in games, and offer
consulting for new hosts, and players, as well as continue my work on the
Newsletter. I will also continue to be moderator at VGAPLANETS2, the yahoo
group also. My site forum will still be up for a while and everyone can
feel free to use it as they wish, and I will hang out there also, and of
course this newsgroup.

Merlyn at The Last Domain has graciously agreed to take over most of my
games, and I encourage anyone playing here that isn't registered over there,
to go there and get signed up. Merlyn is a great host, and a steadfast
supporter, and I recommend his services to anyone! As a matter of fact that
is where I plan on spending a good deal of my time... probably doing
templates for AT and other stuff and playing too of course!

Be aware that this won't take effect until around Mid-September, and myself
and Merlyn will be working out details of game transfer. I will be
contacting players in each game with details of what will happen, and
everyone should feel free to drop me a line and ask any questions they may
have. I realize this is short notice to some, and a sad day for others, but
I will try my utmost to make it an easy transition for everyone.

Again, a huge THANK YOU to all my steadfast supporters, and you all know who
you are, but I find it necessary to name them...

MERLYN.. thanks dude for everything!

ADAMA .. check this guy out.. his player account number is #1.. and he has
been with me since the beginning.. thanks

Charlie Robinson, AKA Admiral Static... been a good player and supporter,
and if I ever need a plane ride, I'll call.

TIm Marx, aka akshamu.. this guy has been around a while too, and always a
loyal and good player!

Byron Terrell, aka Boronos... Byron you have been here since the beginning
also.. and a good friend.. keep up the good work and the good play, and know
I will play with you any day of the week.

Bill Brolley.. aka Bowser.. another guy thats been here a long time, and a
good player.. thanks for everything Bill!

Ron Borden, aka Burnerboy, a good player and fellow Buckeye... keep up the
good work Ron and thanks for everything.

Greg Watts, aka Cherek... another good player, and been around since the
beginning.. Gregs an excellent player, and if you are up against him as the
Crystals.. look out!

Dragon and Hawk.. aka... William Thomas and Randal Kinley.. these guys are
top notch.. and if you play against them as a team, watch out.. thanks guys.

Jedimaster, and R'bok.. these guys, even though brothers, get along well,
and have been with me since the beginning and before... Mike and Bob have
done some great playing on this site, and Bob (R'bok) has even contributed a
strategy guide. They are both good personal friends as well. Thanks guys

King Savage... now here is a character. If you come up against him playing
the Robots or Lizards... look out, he is a top notch player, and a good
friend. Thanks Jon.

John770... now John doesn't "get out" much, but founded the Yahoo Group for
VGAPLANETS, and continues to hang out there, and has been a good friend and

Relic.. this guy continues to work on addons, and is a good player. He
deserves a lot of credit for good games in VGA.. thanks Ken.

Lady Kate.. you see her around, and she is top notch when it comes to
playing, and even hosts... watch out for her, and thanks to her for all her

and on... and on.... I am sure I missed at least one or two (or several)
important ones.. but you still know who you are... and thanks.. I wish I
could go on with every one of my players who have been here a long time, but
there just isn't room.

Suffice it to say Thank you and good luck. If anyone has comments, post em
on the forum, or if they are more personal feel free to send me an email.. I
will reply to each and every one... thanks again all... and plan on seeing
me around...


Please don't just hit "reply" to reply to this email. Be sure to reply to
the email address I have sent it from.

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August 22, 2004 7:26:45 AM

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> but with viruses, worms, and just too much to

Sigh.. I've meet two viruses the last years.. but bad things happens this days..

I found a trojan at my pc :( 

ciao, harry
August 23, 2004 12:13:46 AM

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G'day Ed,

On Sat, 21 Aug 2004 13:11:32 -0600, "edsvga"
<> wrote:

>End of the line...

> If anyone has comments, post em on the forum, or if they are more personal
> feel free to send me an email.. I will reply to each and every one...
> thanks again all... and plan on seeing me around...

It is always sad to see another great hosting service close down, but
life will always take over and consume your/our time.

I understand fully the increased work load presented to hosts as spam
increases and the fight to ensure the host server does not get
infected with all those annoying worms, etc.

In your hosting retirement, I guess you will return to being a player
that has time to play the game that started out being a thing of
enjoyment and ended up being a thing you work to give others some

I hope that sounded correct and not something like it was not
enjoyable to be a host (I find it still a pleasure to be offering a
hosting service for they players that still want to play v3 VGAP).

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August 24, 2004 9:44:52 PM

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Another important message.

Ok, its been 72 hrs since I sent out my message about the host closing in
mid September. In that time, I have gotten A LOT of personal messages, some
short, some long, but all saying the same thing, that basically I would be
missed. I have to admit that there were a few of them that really touched
me deeply, and for those thoughts I appreciate them. What some of you said,
not only touched me, but also made me rethink my decision. My original
decision was based on several factors, and I have to admit that one of those
factors was a feeling that what I was doing wasn't really all that important
to the VGA Planets Community, and that my site really didn't make that much
difference in the overall scheme of things. But I must say that after
getting some of the messages and emails that I have, my mind was changed.
Some of those messages really made me believe that I have "friends" out
there that don't even really know me, but know my "reputation" and my
"honor" when it comes to my hosting, and even though sometimes the decisions
I have made some of you didn't agree with, through it all it was my fairness
and understanding that hopefully kept you around. My overall feelings on
VGA Planets as a game, is that I compare it to the Olympics. Its a
competitor sport where we all put aside our "nationality" and come together
for some friendly competition, and to escape the realities of the world in
which we live, where we may not agree on political issues, but we can put
those "hostilities" and negatives aside to play a simple game together... I
beleive Tim really created a wonderful tool for people living around the
world to become close "friends' even when they really don't know each other.

So why am I saying all this? Well really its as simple as to say that after
my wife read those emails, she said to me "why would you ever consider
giving up something that means so much to others, and to you?"... and it
made me realize that I probably made a mistake and a decision based on the
wrong reasons. And for that reason, I have decided to reverse my decision
to close down shop, and am keeping my hosting service intact. All my games
will continue as is and on schedule, and will work to try to fix some of the
problems plaguing my host service. After some deep thought, I realize that
the troubles that are giving me fits, really can't stack up against the
thoughts and feelings to those who sent me those emails. So this is for
you guys (and gals)... Thanks, very much for your thoughts, and for your
continued support.. and I hope to live up to your expectations in the
future, and look forward (hopefully) to a few more years of hosting.. and
playing. I will try to have some new games ready to go, and I also hope
this decision and then reversal hasn't made some of you go to other hosts
thinking that this host is just to "wishy washy". Not in the least.

Thanks again for your thoughts and wishes.

August 25, 2004 12:13:06 PM

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Op 2004-08-24, edsvga schreef <>:
> Another important message.

I'm not playing on your host, but: COOL!!! Great news, thanks!

Maurits van Rees | [Dutch/Nederlands]
"The question of whether computers can think is like the question of
whether submarines can swim." - Edsger Wybe Dijkstra
August 25, 2004 1:37:28 PM

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It's not the one who is never wrong who can be consideres a wise man,
but the one who does make errors and learns from those.

And the one who even has the guts to stand up and say: "Here I am, I was
wrong, I changed my mind." deserves respect. That's not inconsequence,
but greatness.

-- - the VGA Planets War Academy
August 26, 2004 12:12:04 AM

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"Perhaps the rare and simple pleasure of being seen for what one is
compensates for the misery of being it"
Margaret Drabble 1939 -
English Novelist