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I am trying to troubleshoot a friends pc. The specs are:

Dell Dimension 8400
MOBO: intel 925 Atwood?
E210882 Dell
Phoenix Rom Bios Ver 1.10.A09
LGA 775 socket

The friend originally indicated that it booted up but gave an error for date/time stamp. Sounded simple like it was the CMOS battery. So I booted it up and immediately saw a BSOD initially giving the date/time stamp error but also a stop error: 0x0000007e (0xc0000005, 0x2444c704, 0xf8a1445c, 0xf8a16158). I turned it off and replaced the cmos battery.

Turning it back on, got nothing, no video, no beeps. Fans ran and sounded like a jet plane taking off. powered down then up again (unplugging the power cord to reset the power supply). still no beeps or video. switched out a video card and now (most of the time) I can get beeps which come in as : Long, Long, short, short, Long, Long. At one point I am also able to get some video (mostly if I boot up, shutdown and boot up right away) with out removing the power cord. I was able to get one video message (again a BSOD) with the following message:
memory write/read failure @ 1fe90040, read E906e900 expecting e906e906. memory adddress failure @ 1fe90000, read e906e906 expecting 16161616.

Put a POST code reader in machine getting FF on the boot (which I think means that everything is ok?).

I have tried pulling everything from the mobo (video, hdd, cd, dvd, ram). Read a bunch of the forums all lead me to either a MOBO or Power Supply (PSU?).

Trying to research the error messages are not finding anything that matches the exact errors or even close to it.

I am almost to the point where I am going to advise my friend that they need to take this machine to a shop that has the resources to fix or replace as I do not have the spare parts or another machine that will mirror this one.

Any futher suggestions from you more experienced advisors?
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  1. I've had multiple issues with post failure issues over the years. !st time was some nimrod not using stand offs, grounding board on case. Next bad mem. Cooked CPU. Leaking mobo capacitors. And some, long after complete rebuilds remain a mystery.
  2. Well after 3 days, thank you for responding. IMHO, I believe that the PC took a spike during the power outages we experienced here in the Northeast during the snowstorm that hit in late October. I was just hoping that someone would be able to point me to one particular place whether it be CPU, Memory, MOBO or other based on the errors that were received.

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