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how to set up dual monitor with ati 4550 (will arrive to me soon before end of month)
i want to use with one monitor for web surfing, office work or video or so on one monitor and the other on online game like WOW. i have my past card nvidia which can show two monitor but all application runs on one monitor and the other can only show desktop.

thanks a lot
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  1. ok
    i'll test once the card arrive and if i can't i'll ask u again.

    my past experience is i can open in 2 monitors but all my programs run in only the primary monitor. and the second monitor show only desktop wallpaper and work nothing else.
  2. You just have to drag the windows over to the second monitor. Windows open on the screen they were most recently opened on so when you first connect a second monitor everything will still be opening on the first one, just drag them over to the second one and they will always open there.
  3. really like that,
    it's so easy,
    i'll try as soon as my card arrive
    and one more question: using one monitor office stuff and the other one game playing will slow down little or just normal (i don't want high end quality, my monitor is just 720p and i can now play them on single monitor with X3100 with normal quality and i'll use the same setting on my secondary monitor)
  4. The second monitor isnt going to require many of the GPU resources to be devoted to it. I run a 1280x1024 monitor and a 1920x1080 monitor, the different in frame rates when i have my 1280x1024 connected and running a browser in it while i game and just running the 1920x1080 screen is pretty minimal, about 5FPS in most cases. It will be a bit more with the 4550 since you dont have as strong a GPU but it wont slow you down a ton.
  5. my pc is

    E7400 2.8 core 2
    2 gb ddr2800
    500gb hdd
    G31 mobo

    i'm not use heavily on this pc and my games are just old games like WOW, counterstrike and CNC general with medium setting

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